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       上海美高美游戏中心官网科技有限公司是专业从事各类负载箱的开发、研制 、生产和销售的高科技企业 ,公司拥有与国际水平同步发展的技术资源及雄厚的技术力量 ,多年来不断致力于各类负载箱的研发及生产 ,公司结合引进及消化国外先进技术并不断推出适用于各领域的高品质的负载箱产品,目前在国内外负载箱产品中处于领先水平 ,企业拥有ISO9001质量体系认证 。公司采用高级原材料和严格的品质监管并配备完善的各项测试仪器 、设备来保证产品的优良品质 。凭借可靠的产品质量 、合理的价格 ,美高美游戏官方网址的产品深受国内外的欢迎 。

Shanghai Hanbiao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, research, manufacture and sale of various load boxes; it owns strong technical force and simultaneous developing technical resources with the international level, and devotes constantly to the research and manufacture of various load boxes over the years. The company has released constantly the high-quality load boxes applied in various fields, by introducing and digesting foreign advanced technologies. At present, our load box products have a leading status comparing with the domestic and foreign products, and our enterprise has passed the ISO 9001 Quality System Certification. Our company has adopted high quality materials and strict quality control approaches, being well equipped with various test instruments and facilities, to ensure the credible quality of the products. Our products are well accepted by domestic and foreign customers with the reliable quality and reasonable prices.

        产品广泛应用于电力 、通讯、电信 、网通 、移动 、联通、铁通、民航 、银行 、证券 、铁路局电务段等行业 。

The products are widely applied in electricity, communication, Telecom, Netcom, China Mobile, Unicom, China Railcom, civil aviation, banking, securities, communication and signal districts in Railway Bureau and other fields.

The major important applications are as follows: the genset dummy load box, the UPS intelligent load box and the photovoltaic inverter test device.

        主要突出应用:发电机组模拟负载箱 、UPS电源智能负载箱、防孤岛实验装置 。

Application of the main highlights: The test load bank for diesel generator set 、The power test load bank 、Anti-Island detection Device.

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